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  • Reflexology

    A soothing session that focuses on the pressure points of the feet that correspond with the body’s organs and hormone release (endocrine) system. Great for stress, anxiety, and depression issues.
  • Reiki and Other Services with Angie Webster

    • 15-Minute Energy Therapy/Reiki Session $15
      Are you interested in trying Reiki, but aren't sure what it is or what a session is like? Have questions? Want to try a short "mini-session" to see if Reiki is right for you? Come for a short Reiki session and learn a little about Reiki and give it a try. 
    • Energy Therapy/Reiki Session--30 minute $35
      30 minute focused Reiki/energy therapy session. Focus is typically limited to the head and torso for a shorter session such as this.
    • Energy Therapy/Reiki Session--60 minute $65
      60-minute energy healing session. Reiki based, incorporating additional energy healing training.
    • Energy Reset Session $100
      This is a 90-minute energy therapy session, which will work more deeply with your system than a typical Reiki session. 
    • Reiki & Reflexology Combo $80
      60 minute Reiki session with an additional 15 minutes of hand or foot reflexology.
    • Reiki & Reflexology Combo w/ Aromatherapy $90
      Reiki session using a specially chosen organic aromatherapy scent to support you as you rest and rebalance, plus an additional 15 minutes of reflexology (hand or foot).
    • Reiki Session with Aromatherapy $75
      60 minute Reiki session with a specially chosen organic aromatherapy scent to support you as you rest and rebalance.
    • Animal Reiki Session $65
      Animal Reiki helps your pet in many of the same ways it helps you. It reduces pain, anxiety, stress, and emotional distress. It brings balance to the system. There are differences in the ways that animal Reiki is practiced. Instead of a set amount of time and hands on therapy, animal Reiki is guided by the animal. They determine how much energy they are in need of--and therefore the length of the session. Because of this, session length will vary from animal to animal ans from session to session. I recommend allowing an hour to an hour and 15 minutes for the session, though it may take as little as 20-45 minutes. Many animal Reiki sessions are done without placing hands on the animal, as that is their preference. In this case, I will do Reiki from a short distance away from the animal. Some animals like a little of each or will even leave the session for a moment and come back. I let the animal be the guide and I respect and listen to their needs and wishes at all times. I can do animal Reiki distantly or come to your residence, farm, or other location.
    • Initial Bach Flower Essence Consultation $65
      Flower essence consultation to determine which flower essences will help support you in finding balance with a particular life-stage, transition, or emotional obstacle. You will receive a treatment bottle of the appropriate Bach flower essences. A follow up will be needed within 3 weeks to evaluate your progress and determine if the essences need to be adjusted as your energy adjusts and balances. Consults are available for pets as well. Flower essences are safe and extremely effective for pets.
    • Follow up Bach Flower Essence Consultation $35
      Follow up flower essence session to evaluate your progress and determine if an adjustment is needed in your treatment blend of flower essences.
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