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Tashara C
60min Had my 1st session with Keith yesterday and it was great. I rarely get massages by male therapist and I was actually comfortable and he was professional. I felt better and even relieved my headache temporarily. I’ll defin be back!!!
Ellen Janes
The Best I am older and have had massage all my life in different states, businesses, cruises, countries. Keith is an angel, talented, blessed. There is no one else!
Faisal R
Definitely recommend His massage was great. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Magic Hands 😁 what an amazing result from Keith. I love that I can now go once a month with His new package.
Becca E
Best Massage Ever! I thought massages had to hurt...tried the cupping and it was great! I have been getting massages for over 20 years since I am an avid runner and do lots of lifting for my job. I tried Keith two days ago and he was the best! He took a lot of time to explain everything and to find out my goals. I thought massages had to hurt in order to help me feel better, but he eliminated my pain while still giving me a relaxing massage (pretty sure I fell asleep)! I tried the cupping and it was great-would have never thought to ask for that. Highly recommend and I now intend to make massages regularly instead of just when my pain is hindering me!
Brittney D
Prenatal massage from heaven Keith did such an excellent job with his intuitive touch massage. Seriously the best prenatal massage ever. If you want 2 full hours of relaxation while also getting a deep massage on those problem areas - this is the way to go!
Amazing! Best massage ever! I have had ongoing pain for months that nothing seemed to touch. I had a 90-minute massage with Keith and I felt great afterward! I still feel great the next day! Keith was professional and clearly very well-trained in massage techniques. I also asked for the frankincense & myrrh lotion for some extra pampering, which was so nice!
Brittany T
Cupping and Deep Tissue Very relaxing and great for sore muscles!
Bobbi H
Great Experience Keith was a wonderful massage therapist and I was thrilled with the results of my massage. Highly recommend him for professional demeanor, thorough massage work, and a clean restful environment
Ellen J
The Best in my 37 Year Search I have had many massages in my life in different cities, states, and ships. Now I have found the best in Keith! He not only has excellent knowledge and skills, but he lives his passion of extraordinary massage! And he listens to You!
Judy Hanks
Keith Webster is the BEST I am always so impressed with Keith's work. I sent my family there and they were ALL amazed how great he is
Jamie D
Great Service Keith provided a relaxing environment and great service. I left the massage feeling relaxed and renewed.
Joanna L
Very helpful and informative Great massage and information to help get the most out of the experience.
Cupping I tried the new cupping option at my last massage. It was great and really help in areas that are consistently sore.
Healy G
Great Massage! I had a 90 minute Swedish massage yesterday and I was exceptionally happy with it. Keith was very kind and easy to talk to. The massage itself was phenomenal- Keith was very receptive to my feedback during the massage and thus was able to apply just the right amount of pressure to all areas. I felt glorious both during and afterward- I became so relaxed and my usual aches and pains were gone. It is the next morning and I still feel great, as if I had a phenomenal workout. I highly recommend Intuitive Touch to anyone.
Debra H
I noticed immediate increased mobility and relief of the pain. Keith has great insight into what your body needs. I was having muscle spasms and extreme tightness in the hip area and he worked it out. I noticed immediate increased mobility and relief of the pain. I highly recommend him!
Veronica S
He's very responsive to feedback, friendly, and talented. Keith gave me a massage earlier this year and it was FANTASTIC! He's very responsive to feedback, friendly, and talented. I enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend him to anybody I know.
Chasity A
Personable and customized my session to meet my specific needs. Wonderful massage therapist! Keith was personable and customized my session to meet my specific needs. He successfully loosened tight muscles and days later I am still feeling better for it! I would highly recommend him!
Brittany T
Great professional massage therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great professional massage therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abigail G
An automatic relief of stress Keith does an amazing job of making everything comfortable and quiet. It's an automatic relief of stress as soon as I walk into the door. During and after the massages I've reciever I instantly feel tension disappear, and I've always left the facility more than satisfied!
Really helped! I've only seen Keith for a few sessions, but each time he's made my upper-back tension (from biking) a lot better. Very happy to have been referred to him!
Staci F
Impressed by the time and individualization that Keith took with me. I was particularly impressed by the time and individualization that Keith took with me. I can't wait to schedule my next appointment!
Brittney D
Best Massages Ever!! He never disappoints I have had multiple types of massages from multiple places and Keith is the only one I keep coming back to. It doesn't matter if it is a full body massage for 2hrs or even a 20min chair massage - he never disappoints and I always leave there feeling SO much better!! Highly recommend!
Frank H
5 Review of Keith Webster 5
Ariel M
It was my first time ever getting a massage. Super awesome experience Super awesome experience especially considering it was my first time ever getting a massage. I recommend to everyone!
Best ever Keith has magical hands and techniques. I highly recommend him.
Erica R
He is sensitive to what products he uses with his clients. The couple of massages I've gotten from Keith have been wonderful. I highly recommend him as he is sensitive to what products he uses with his clients which is great as I'm sensitive to those things. I am looking forward to booking my next appointment with him soon.
Excellent massage Keith gave a great massage. He took the time needed to know what areas of my body needed the most work. Would definitely recommend!
Elisa H
Very flexible when you need to get in. Keith is a very good massage therapist and always very flexible when you need to get in. You'll leave him feeling very relaxed and knowing you just had a massage.
Robin S
Friendly and professional. I would totally recommend Keith! Friendly and professional. I feel great and so relaxed after a massage from him.
Ken B
Fantastic massage Keith was able to really zero in on areas with those tight knots-back and neck.
Barb W
Keith gives an excellent therapeutic massage. Keith gives an excellent therapeutic massage that is also relaxing. I highly recommend him!
Claire C
Great masseuse! Always asks what troubled areas need attention and also has a good memory of what techniques I really like and where!
Keith Webster LMT Keith is professional and provides excellent service - does a great job fixing my muscles from wear and tear I've done in the gym / competitive sports.
Gwen S
Great Job! Keith is always quite professional but still very warm and inviting. He uses good techniques that target the areas I request and I always leave feeling much better. In fact, I will often opt to pay more for a massage with Keith than pay less for a chiropractic treatment. Great job!
Amanda M
Excellent, As Always! Keith was excellent, as always! I feel like a completely different person after a massage session with him. Professional, personable, and the best you could hope to find. Highly recommend!
Chris H
He really cares about his clients! If anybody deserves 5 stars, it's Keith!! He really cares about his clients!
Kienna M
I would go more often if I could! I live in Chicago now and still haven't found anyone I recommend as much as Keith. He is so attentive to any special needs or requests - I would go more often if I could!
Judy H
I always feel great when I'm done. Keith is excellent and I always feel great when I'm done. He's very helpful and different types of massage therapy that is loosened me up and freed me from lots of pain. I highly recommend him
Sheila B
I have always left feeling wonderful! Keith is great, I have always left feeling wonderful! If I had the time and money I would get a massage every week. It is worth the money you spend. I highly recommend Keith!